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My Mission

As a small one-man company, it is my goal to be able to offer my service and knowledge to you.
IPSE.DK is not a service company that performs service in competition with other service companies.
It is my aim to use my experience and knowledge to provide impartial advice and help.

My Story

Ask anyone I have worked for or with over the years and they will describe me as trustworthy and stable. Other key words they will use are analytical, methodical, always polite and in a good mood, with infectious humor. These are things I take with me from the time I started as an apprentice at the age of 16. My boss said "keep your toolbox and car clean and in order, be presentable and well-groomed and patient with customers. Do your work properly and clean up after yourself". These simple rules are probably why I hear "I'm glad that you'r the one coming today" a lot!

I am curious and creative by nature and this means that I can think outside the box and find solutions, this has helped me a lot over the years.

In early 2020, I had planned to start a new company called "Tech Service". I planned to do maintenance on tinting and shaking equipment for the paint industry. Everything was planned down to the last detail and the start date was 1 March 2020, so as fate would have it I fell ill 3 weeks before the start. I was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with cancer. It was a big shock for me and my family and it was with great sadness that I had to close the company before it really got started. After a hard and long course of illness, I have started to get my spirit & courage back and the idea for IPSE.DK took hold. I thought I would approach it a little differently this time and "settle" with consultant work.

As mentioned before, my brain is always full of creative ideas, and when you are hit by a serious illness you start to appreciate the benefits of life and you also start to think differently.
Since I'm not going to start a "service only" company, I had to come up with a name other than "Tech Service". Fun fact,
IPSE means "himself, herself, itself" in Latin. So I thought I would use it as a company name, it could cover other "side gigs" that I could come up with.
After being released from the hospital I started writing a book, I have to admit that lately it has almost stopped, hope to get started again so I can get it published.
I am currently writing and gathering data to be able to give a lecture on "anticipatory  grief", it was obvious now that the family has experienced a critical illness. It is a strongly under-exposed problem in society and I am looking forward to going out to schools and companies and giving that lecture.

Another "side gig" I am creating is CNC milling, it will be mostly in plastic and wood that I will try to create different things. I am looking forward to the technical challenge it will be.

I wil keep you posted when there is news on my projects.

Side gigs

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