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My Services

Calibration Analytics 

I can perform discrete control and analysis of calibration data. Is the machine set up with correct data? Has calibration been carried out to meet the minimum requirements in terms of minimum measurements and repeatability?

Periodic errors

Periodic errors can be very hard to find! Often they are caused by user errors or the inviroment the machine is placed in. I have seen most errors and have the experience  to find them.


On-line & On-site analysis of equipment and possible troubleshooting - written report and photo documentation.

Independant consultant

If you need guidance regarding  purchase of new equipment or help/input for a larger project such as the implementation of a new system or software, you can use me as a sparring partner. I can advise or act as a project manager throughout the entire project.

Assembly work - installing/removing new or old equipment.

Do you need extra capacity in your assembly department for a shorter or longer period?  Let me give you an estimate.

Do you need new or old equipment installed or removed, ready for transport?


Do you periodically need Hot Line help? Then maybe I can relieve in case of illness and vacation.

Insurance claims

Do you have an insurance claim, maybe a machine that is damaged during transportation. Let me give you a nonpartial and independent assesment of the damage done and what would be needed to bring it back to working order.

Future projects?

 In the past I have worked worked in, among other things, the weight industry, the sorting and dosing industry and am well-grounded in electrical engineering and IT, do you perhaps have an idea for how I can help your company?

Feel free to contact me with propersitions.

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