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Tullamore - Where is everything?


1. Cabinet with lifevests - 2 x electrical heaters for 220v

2. Engine room - heavy lid under the carpet


3. Water container/tank - under carpet & lid - Can be filled by opening lid or by filling          spout in outside anker storage bin (15) - best option is to open lid, then you can

    see water level - water is for taps in kitchen & bathroom sinks and for flushing toilet       Not for drinking, as there are disenfection chemicals in the tank - bring your own          drinking water. 

4. Water pressure pump well - under carpet/lid - automatic water pressure when                switch no. 1 on the steering panel is swiched on - remember to turn switch 1 off            when water is not used.

5. a. Battery well in floor under carpet/lid - contains 1 start battery (the largest one)              and 2 smaller for consumption

    b. Door in SB side - contains fie extingquisher, battery charger and 220v outlet

6. a. Well under carpet/lid for wine, beer & alcohol beverages - there wil be other                  beverages in the fridge/cooler (no. 7)

    b. Door in port side - HFI relay & fuses for 220v power (land power)

7. Refrigerator - Not hooked up to power so it's more like a cooler box

8. Storage under starboard seats - contains anker and moorings and rope

9. Storage under portside seats - contains propane tank for stove

10. Storage under carpet/lid - access to rudder and sensors - there is a box with few          spare-parts, nuts & bolts, lubricants and engine oil

11. Aft storage - contains 2 seat row so that a bed kan be made between seat 8 & 9

12. Storage under portside seats - fishing rods & gear

13. Storage under starboard side seats 

14. Storage under seat

15. Outside anker well - contains anker & rope - 220v kabel for land power

16. a. Garbage can on floor (extra bags in bottom drawer)

      b. Storage in portside hull - contains tool box, strong magnet on a line (for                         recovering lost items in water)

      c. Above port side seat  - Pike-pole, attached to roofline

17. a. Side cabinet in SB hull - Electrical panel with fuses

      b. Open storage room in SB hull - Emergency bag with band aid etc., box with                  spare fuses, binoculars

      c. Storage in floor under captain seat

18. Pantry (kitchen) - sink & stove - drawers & kabinnets - cutlery - pots & pans -                games (yatzy, cards etc...) above the stove there are cups and glasses

19. Outside fuel filling cap - one on each side of the boat - 2 x 180 liter and only                  "marinediesel" Not regular diesel or "GLT" diesel - tanks are connected internaly          so no need to fill both sides.

WC. - Bathroom with sink and toilet - Toilet only for "no. 1" :-) if you have to go "no. 2", you have to go to shore, we have access to Ry club house in the harbour with nice toilets and showers. Do not use toilet paper in the toilet as i flushes straight into the water, use the sanitary tissues or toilet paper and disgard them in the waist bin.

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