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Tullamore Safety

Safetyvest - location no. 1 (6 adult & 2 children - must be 1 for everybody -                                 you don't have to wear them at all times but in case of                                            inspection there has to be 1 present for everybody on the boat)                            In case of man overboard, there is a spare fender with a line                                  under the seat (location 8) that one can toss to the person in                                  the  water

Fire extinguisher - location 5 (wall cabinet)


Emegency kit with bandaid etc... - location 17 (open panel in hull)


Snorkel & mask - location 13 (if something is tangled in the prop/rudder)


Flashlight - location 17 (open panel in hull - usb rechargeable)

Tow rope 10 meter - location 8 (so you can tow or be towed)

Besides this it is good to practice operating the boat


Show your passengers how to operate the boat also, in case you are not able to


Tell passengers where life-vests, fire extinguisher & first-aid kit are


Remember as "Captain" you are responsible for your "crew" and their safety

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