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Tullamore - How to operate

Whenever entering the boat - start with mounting the flag in the aft holder - this is to show that there is someone in the boat - even if you are in the harbour all the time - remove when leaving the boat in home harbour

Powering on the boat

We have 2 power systems - we have 220v land power (when hooked up/connected)

and we have a 12v onboard closed system.

As soon as you connect to land power the system is on, there is no "on" switch. The 220v system wil power all 220v outlets, batterie charger and lighting in the cabin and cockpit, the switches for these 2 light are located bellow the instrument panel by the door to the cabin.

We have 2 electrical heaters that run on 220v in the cabinet with the lifevests, there are outlets for them under the aft table in the cockpit and in the cabin besides the door.

You do not have to turn the 12v system on if you are in harbour and have 220v

If you want to go sailing, disconnect land power and turn on the 12v system


For the 12v system we have 3 keys/switches:

1. Main switch for all 12v consumption

2. Main switch for motor controls and instrument power

3. Ignition key to start engine

First you have to find the lever (top drawer by stove) for the main switch and turn it on

Next step is to turn the controls switch on

Anker 1
Anker 2
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