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Your Freelance service consultant  

Having problems with your colorant dispenser?

Need an impartial  assessement or troubleshooting?

I can help!


Colorant dispenser consultant

How can I help?

With almost 30 years experience in servicing dispensing equipment in the colorant business I  offer you unbiased counseling and troubleshooting. Not only regarding colorant dispensers and shakers but on most equipment that dispenses liquid or solids after weight or number/pieces

Calibration Analytics 

I can perform discrete control and analysis of calibration data. Is the machine set up with correct data? Has calibration been carried out to meet the minimum requirements in terms of minimum measurements and repeatability?


On-line 0r On-site analysis of equipment and possible troubleshooting - written report and photo documentation

Periodic errors

Periodic errors can be very hard to find! Often they are caused by user errors or the inviroment the machine is placed in. I have seen most errors and have the experience  to find them.

Independent consutant

If you need guidance regarding  purchase of new equipment or help/input for a larger project such as the implementation of a new system or software, you can use me as a sparring partner. I can advise or act as a project manager throughout the entire project.

What causes my dispenser to dispense incorrectly?

How do i get impeccable acuracy and reliability?

When you buy a car, the sales person always provides some data for the car - be it 0-100km in 8 seconds or 20 kilometers on a liter of petrol or 30.000 kilometers between service intervals. We all know that these are optimal numbers.

It's the same with a dispenser, all numbers are optimal numbers.
There are many things that can affect a dispenser, including: colorant viscosity, calibration, maintenance, user error, room temperature, error on the machine, software error, prescription error, color base, etc.

With all these variables, it can be difficult for a inexperienced in optimizing a machine. My  more than 30 years of experience working with dispensing equipment gives me a solid background to solve most problems.

Who are you?
You could be:

An insurance company

Quotes on damaged euipmment in insurance claimes

Paint manufacturer 

With in-plant equipment

Service organisation

External consulting


Equipment manufactor

External consulting



End user of

Hotline for acute problem solving or creating seminars regarding use & daily maintenance

with dispensers
& shakers from:





Create and execute seminars regarding operation & maintenance, both for own consultants and end users of equipment.

Unbiased advice on acquisitions of new machines and software.

There are many different types of dispensers. In addition to the different brands, you can divide them into several categories, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

You can dispense by weight or volume, the most common is volume dispensing. Then there are 2 categories of pumps - gear pumps and fixed volume pumps. Fixed volume pumps can again be divided into "piston" & "bellow" pumps. Some machines also have colorant recirculation as a feature. It is important to be able to understand the difference between these machines.


I can prepare documentation showing installation procedures and daily use and maintenance procedures in whatever format you wish. Can also offer to make a small animated "Doodley" cartoon showing a "How to do" video.

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